“Where in the Conejo?” monthly photo contest

Every month we post a picture of a mystery location or item somewhere in the Conejo Valley open space. You could win a $25 gift card if you correctly identify the feature of interest in the photo! We hope that this contest inspires open space enthusiasts like you to find new places in our beautiful open space areas that you wouldn’t have otherwise known about.

This contest is open to everybody who is 18 years of age or older. We will accept submissions for one week after posting on the first of the month. If multiple submissions have the correct answer, we will select one at random to be the winner. Please, only one submission per email address. Winners will be notified by email and receive a $25 gift card!

To make your submission, fill in the form at the bottom of this page.

The winner will be selected one week after the posting of this contest. A new contest will start every month. Check back for another chance to win a gift card! Winners will be ineligible to win again in the calendar year, but can win the annual grand prize by having the greatest number of correct answers, so don’t stop entering once you win! In addition to $25 gift certificates, winners will receive a social media badge so they can flaunt their “Where” prowess.

Below are the results of the previous two contests, or view all of them. These posts include more information on the trail or feature; click on the photo or title to view the complete story.

Insect activity on flower cluster Alicia Di Rado is the winner of the August ‘Where in the Conejo’ photo contest! -   The August 1 "Where in the Conejo" contest photo featured a hairstreak butterfly feeding on buckwheat flowers while a bee assassin captured a honeybee. Of the correct entrants, Alicia Di Rado was selected at random as the winner of… (read more...)
Where in the Conejo Contest for August 1, 2022 - You could win $25 if you can you identify the phenomena shown in the photo! The correct answer is provided below along with 3 that are not. To be entered in the drawing to win, you must select the right one.… (read more...)
Christine Elowitt is the winner of the July ‘Where in the Conejo’ photo contest! - The July 1 Where in the Conejo contest photo was of the Santa Rosa Trail in Wildwood Park. Of the correct entrants, Christine was selected at random as the winner of a $25 gift certificate. Congratulations Christine and thanks to… (read more...)