What are these: COSCA, COSTAC, COSF, CRPD…

There are a number of organizations that are involved with the open spaces in the Conejo Valley. Those of us who work with them a lot throw these acronyms around all day, but they can be bewildering to many people. It doesn’t help that they are so similar. Listed here is what the acronyms stand for, and what the organizations do.

COSCA, the Conejo Open Space Conservation Agency. This is the government organization that buys property to add to our open space and then manages and maintains it. They make the open space rules that foster preservation of our natural resources for our local wildlife (plants and animals) and for current and future human visitors. Their board of directors meets quarterly at a public meeting. Learn more at their website.

COSTAC, the Conejo Open Space Trails Action Committee. This is a committee of volunteers that is responsible for many events in the Conejo open spaces. This includes the annual Spring and Fall Trail Work Days, Trail Education Days for 4th graders, trailhead outreach, other volunteer activities and more. They organize the activities and help recruit volunteers, under the guidance of COSCA. 11 members are appointed by the COSCA board of directors to serve three-year terms. They discuss their activities at a public meeting on the first Monday of every month. Learn more on the COSCA website COSTAC page.

COSF, the Conejo Open Space Foundation. That’s us! We are a nonprofit organization that raises money to help pay for ways to enhance our open spaces. This includes

  • Volunteer activities for which COSTAC is responsible
  • Initiatives to help preserve wildlife and native plants

We also help COSTAC with their programs and recruitment of volunteers.

Finally, we work to help people understand their roles as custodians and protectors of the open space and the environment. We do this through postings on this website and on social media. Links to our social media pages can be found at the bottom of every page here. We meet on the first Monday of the month directly before the COSTAC meeting. Our meetings are open to the public and we invite you to attend!

CRPD, the Conejo Recreation and Park District. They build, manage and maintain community and neighborhood parks in Thousand Oaks. They are jointly responsible for COSCA along with the City of Thousand Oaks. Learn more on the CRPD website.