Open Space Activities Overview

With more than 170 miles of trails in over 15,000 acres of open space, there are lots of opportunities to get out to recreate, unwind and generally enjoy yourself! All trails in the Conejo Open Space are open to the following activities with the exception that the 76-Step Trail and half of the Moonridge Trail are closed to mountain bikes and equestrians because of stairs.

In the event of rain or dry windy weather, remember that the trails may be closed until conditions improve. Check the COSCA Trail Closures web page for current conditions.

Here are some of the more common activities you’ll encounter on the trails. You can find trails and routes for every level.

  • Hiking is probably the most common activity with Wildwood Park being the most popular because so many people like to visit Paradise Falls. If you’re looking for solitude, other open space areas will be more to your liking.
  • Mountain Biking is extremely popular here. With our hilly and often rocky terrain, most trails are suitable for novices, intermediates and advanced riders more than for rank beginners. Mountain bikers must be aware of and share the trail with other trail users; mountain bikers always yield to horses and foot traffic. The best practice is to equip your bike with a bell, available in wooden boxes at the most popular trailheads.
    • Only class 1 (pedal-assisted to 20 MPH) eBikes are welcome on Conejo Valley trails wherever regular mountain bikes are allowed. Check out the IMBA guide to understand the different classes of electric two-wheeled vehicles.
  • Trail Running is like hiking, only at a faster rate of speed. Shoes with good tread are a priority!
  • Equestrians are allowed on all of our trails with the exceptions noted above. The best places for parking with a horse trailer are at Rancho Potrero and Conejo Canyons at the Santa Rosa Valley Regional Park. There is also ample curbside parking on Lang Ranch Parkway for Albertson Motorway and the Oakbrook Vista Trail.
  • Bird Watching is popular because of the many species that live here. The Conejo Valley Audubon Society has weekly events and a walk for beginners every month.
  • Geocaching is a type of treasure hunting that is popular not just in urban areas, but on our trails as well. It involves using a GPS device to find hidden items. This is a great activity for families and is a fun way to explore unfamiliar trails. You can learn more from National Geographic.
  • Photography is practiced by many people while in the open space to show others what they saw. The cameras on modern cell phones make it easy for everyone to share their experience.
  • Volunteering is a great way to give back to the community while you’re enjoying your time in the open space. For example, you can report any issues you noticed to the rangers through the Trail Watch program. Learn more about the various volunteer programs that are available!

No matter your activity, to help ensure that you don’t have any unwelcome surprises, remember to take the 10 essentials with you (Check the American Hiking Society page for more details):

  • Appropriate footwear (closed-toe shoes or boots with good tread)
  • Map and compass and/or GPS
  • Water
  • Sun Protection (sun block, hat, sun glasses)
  • Food
  • Rain gear, and dress in layers
  • Safety items like a flashlight and whistle
  • First aid kit
  • Knife or multi-tool
  • Emergency shelter

Have fun out there and stay safe!