Trails Education Days Videos

These videos are an integral part of the Trails Education Days program for Conejo Valley Unified School District 4th graders.

Conejo Open Space Trails Education Days pre-hike video for the students to watch before their field trips to Wildwood Regional Park. Topics include the natural open space areas that surround us, ecology and the natural food chain, indigenous apex predators, Native American nature traditions, and preparation for a safe day in Wildwood Park.

A Virtual Trails Education Days Nature Hike As naturalist “Tracker Rob” Remedi makes his way down the Wildwood Canyon Trail, he encounters plants, animals and geological features that are part of the fourth grade science curriculum. His folksy discussion of these is entertaining as well as educational.

Our Native Animal Neighbors workshop: The 4th graders will meet and learn about a Raccoon, Opossum, Gopher Snake, Porcupine, Great Horned Owl, Desert Tortoise and Squirrel.