Los Robles Open Space area

Welcome to the Los Robles Trail and Open Space system. This ridgeline trail system with its many neighborhood feeder trails is located at the southern portion of the Conejo Open Space and encompasses nearly 2000 acres. The Los Robles Trail also traverses several open space areas including Skyline, Conejo Ridge, South Ranch, Southern Ridge, Los Robles, Hope Nature Preserve, Ventu Park, Los Padres and Deer Ridge.

Approximately 25 miles of trails provide a contiguous route from Westlake Village to Newbury Park with several shorter loops into narrow canyons and up steep ridges. The adjoining open space areas are managed by the Conejo Open Space Conservation Agency (COSCA), a joint powers authority created by the City of Thousand Oaks and the Conejo Recreation and Park District in 1977.

Los Robles Trail winds from Potrero Road (near Wendy Drive) to Foothill Drive (near Hampshire Road). Along with its many connecting trails (Triunfo Canyon Trail, Rosewood Trail, White Horse Canyon Trail, Los Padres Trail, and more), it offers ample room for hikers, bikers, and equestrians to share the open space.

To the west of Los Robles is Rancho Sierra Vista/Satwiwa and Point Mugu State Park which creates a public backcountry of over 27,000 acres of open space that stretches to the Pacific Ocean at Sycamore Cove. This scenic region is part of the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area and provides panoramic views of Hidden Valley, the Conejo Valley. and the Channel islands. Many species of wildlife including the Southern Pacific rattlesnake, coyote, bobcat, and mountain Iion inhabit the park.

One of the unique things about the Los Robles Trail is its historical significance. On February 28, 1776, Juan Bautiste de Anza and his band of 198 settlers and 1000 head of livestock came through the Conejo Valley on their way from Mexico to San Francisco. Though the 101 freeway is the actual route, the National Park Service has designated the Los Robles Trail as the official Recreational route so that everyone can enjoy the only national historical trail in the state of California.

Trail Map

Hiking Preparedness


Easy Hikes and Rides

  1. Oak Creek Canyon Loop (0.8 miles)
  2. Los Robles Spring Canyon Nature Walk (3.3 miles)
  3. Rosewood Trail to Angel Vista (3 miles)
  4. Los Padres Vista Loop (3.3 miles)
  5. Los Padres – Lily Tomlin Loop (3.4 miles)
  6. Felton St. to Potrero Rd. (2.9 miles)

Moderate Hikes and Rides

  1. Triunfo Park to East Los Robles Trail
  2. Oak Creek Canyon, Los Robles, Los Padres Loop
  3. Potrero Road to Angel Vista
  4. Triunfo, Los Robles, White Horse Canyon Loop
  5. White Horse Canyon to Los Robles Trail
  6. Los Robles Trail to Angel Vista
  7. Rosewood Trail & Los Robles Trail
  8. Space Mountain: Greenmeadow Ave. to Angel Vista (8 miles)
  9. Felton St. to Angel Vista (3.1 miles)

Strenuous Hikes and Rides

  1. Los Padres, Los Robles, and White Horse Canyon Trails (7.7.miles)
  2. Los Robles, White Horse Canyon, Los Padres Figure 8 Loop (8.5 miles)