It’s New Map Monday! Los Robles East, White Horse Canyon, Los Padres Figure Eight Loop

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  • Beautiful oak forest at the bottom of Los Padres Trail
  • Great views of Thousand Oaks and more from Los Robles Overlook
  • More remote White Horse Canyon and Brookview Trails have few visitors and great views


This is a moderately strenuous 8.5 mile double loop, with a total elevation gain/loss of about  1300 feet. Starting at the Moorpark Rd. trailhead, this hike is actually two big counterclockwise loops covering the eastern portion of Los Robles Trail, the northern end of White Horse Canyon, and Los Padres Trail. From the Los Padres Trailhead, there is a short jaunt along the street to get back to the start. For a change of scenery, you can go around the opposite direction 😉

Key Statistics

Popularity: Los Padres Trail is very popular, as is Los Robles. You will probably meet few if any people on White Horse Canyon and Brookview Trails.
Parking: Free on Los Padres Road and at the south end of Moorpark Road.
Distance: 8.5 miles
Cumulative Climbing and Descent: 1300’

For all the details including an elevation profile and photos, download the printable full PDF guide.

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