It’s New Map Monday! Conejo Canyons – Hill & Hawk Canyons Dirt Roads

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  • Probably the easiest route in the Conejo Valley
  • 100% dirt roads with a very gentle slope and no steep cross-slopes
  • Good for people who are just starting to take up hiking or mountain biking
  • Out-and-back route ends in a pretty box canyon


This very short and easy route is perfect for people who are just starting in the open space with only wide dirt roads, gentle slopes and no close encounters with steep drop-offs. There is also plenty of room to pass by other visitors.

Fun fact: This section of the Hill Canyon Fire Road is also known as “The Longest Mile” because it is almost exactly one mile long.

Key Statistics

Popularity: These trails are very popular; you will almost certainly see other people
Parking: Free on Hill Canyon Road
Distance: 3.2 miles out-and-back
Cumulative Climbing and Descent: 150’

For all the details including an elevation profile and photos, download the printable full PDF guide.

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